Sunday, October 7, 2012

Test Run... With Some Daily 5!

So.. here is a picture of some of my word work "shakers." The containers came from the Dollar Tree and I just filled them with lots of STUFF that I thought would be relatively quiet! The words that they are looking for come from the Scott Foresman Reading Street series. There are about 3o words in the tubs, including spelling words, amazing words, selection vocabulary words, word wall words, and high frequency words. The kiddos shake it up, find the words, record the words in their journal and then choose what to do with them. (e.g. write sentences, count syllables, draw the meaning, etc.)

OH! And there are two of my "Fry Stick" tubs, too. (I saw these on Pinterest, I think. I'm really going to get better about posting where I find this stuff. I PROMISE!) I used foam sheets from the Dollar Tree, cut them into strips, and recorded Fry Phrases from one of the hundreds lists. These are the 100 and 200 tubs, I think. I also drew **** on some of the strips. The kids play by taking turns choosing a "stick." If they can read the WHOLE thing the FIRST time, they keep it. If not, they put it back. A stick with **** means an extra turn! The player with the most sticks when the tub is empty (or time is up) WINS! They LOVE these things!

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