Monday, October 8, 2012

Daily 5 Word Work Tubs

Here is what my Word Work tub looks like for Daily 5. The kids grab a tub to work with for the round. There is an instruction sheet in the tub to remind them what to do, and all the needed materials. The word rings include sight words, word wall words, amazing (vocabulary) words, spelling words, etc. My kids LOVE the Word Work tubs. Right now, BEADS! is their favorite! :)

And NO fancy pocket chart for us! I  just don't have the wall space in my classroom for each kid to have pockets in a chart. I just created a spreadsheet with my kids' names and had it turned into a poster. I laminated it and write on it each day with an Expo. It works wonderfully for us. I'm always putting my markers and such down somewhere, so I velcro-ed an Expo and a mini eraser to the board. :) 

I'll post the instruction sheets next! :) 

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