Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ah! Soooo new!

So, this is all very, very new for me. My colleague and I are starting a blog and a TPT account to share some of our ideas regarding quality activities that are aligned with The Common Core Standards. At our school, most all of the teachers are really struggling to find good "stuff" to use that aligns with The Standards because they are so new. We've been working to create some things to use in our classrooms, and we thought other teachers may be interested in using some of our activities. We are starting in 2nd grade (because that's the grade I teach) with math and we will continue from there. Be on the lookout for documents being posted SOON! :)

Annndddd.... this whole blogging thing is super new for me. I hope I'm not making a mess out of stuff! I LOVE browsing other teachers' blogs and seeing all of their AMAZING ideas! But their blogs are all so stinkin' cute! I'm totally jealous. Maybe I will get better as I practice. Cross your fingers! I'd love any tips you can give me! :)

PS- This is the first year that I have used The Daily 5 in my classroom and I'm totally in love. I have seen SUCH a huge difference in my little chickens already. They are really loving it and so am I! I will post what we've been doing shortly. (As soon as I figure out how.)

Tomorrow is a LCD at school for me. YIKES! At least I can wear sweat pants! :)

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