Monday, March 10, 2014

So, we have taken a really long break and are ready to get back into the swing of things.  What better way to do it than by introducing one of our favorites - the collections of two-step word problem challenges.  These proved really hard to find but were a definite needed resource to teach the Common Core State Standards.  They are designed to present students with a problem a day...but become really involved as you can see below.  They make students really slow down and process a word problem and even assess the reasonableness after finding the answer...a step that students often would rather skip!

Check it out!

This is packet #1 of the third grade version.  It requires students to use addition & subtraction within 1000 to solve.  Other packets will be coming soon involving all four operations.

Here's a layout of the student pages.  It requires students to think about the problem, write an equation (using a variable), estimate the answer, solve it, and assess if the answer was reasonable - all parts of the CCSS standard on problem solving.  WOW! 

We have one available for 2nd graders too.  The difference with this one is that students don't have to estimate an answer since it is beyond the standard!  The computation includes addition and subtraction within 100.  We will get out Pack #2 with addition and subtraction within 1000 a little later!

Check it out too!
This one is really new to our collection.  See what you think!

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